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Would you like to improve the quality and effectiveness of your written materials?  Well then, welcome to Editaway. You’ve come to the right place and this is the article you need to read.

In a hurry? Too busy to read all this? That’s okay. We get it. All you have to do is fill out our online formHey. Let's talk about improving the documents you write.  to submit your document. We’ll look it over and email you a proposal describing the editing services we’ll provide, their cost and timing. If you accept this proposal, we’ll do the work. You’ll pay us when we’re done.  It’s that simple. Just click the “Send Us A Document” menu button under the header image to get this show on the road. You can come back to read this post later when you have time…  or not.

Who are our clients? 

We work for startups, smaller and mid-size businesses, political campaigns and other non-profit organizations.

Basically, our clients are people, companies and other organizations who want to improve the quality of their presentation, marketing, administrative and other materials – to make those documents significantly better.

What, exactly, do we do for our clients?

We review documents they send us, proofreading them of course, but Hi. We're looking forward to working with you.proofreading is only one, relatively minor aspect of our process. More importantly, we look for ways to improve the flow, the clarity and effectiveness of what our clients have written to help our clients accomplish their objectives.

Professionally, we all live and do business in a world where every word you say or write counts.  How effectively you express yourself determines, in no small way, the impression you make and the extent to which you succeed at what you’re trying to do.  That’s why people hire professional editors and writers to help them communicate their ideas more effectively.  And that is where we, at Editaway, come in.

We’ll help you do a better job of explaining the points you’re trying to make.  In the process, suggestions we make may entail re-writing some of your text here and there.  But we’re not going to write or substantially re-write your entire document.  If that’s what you need, you should visit our sister program’s website, Writeaway.us.

And we’re going to assume that you know what you’re talking about.  We don’t do research and we’re not going to presume that we can comment on the way you think and the analysis you’ve done. We’re not, in other words, going to change what you say. We’re just going to help you say it better.

What types of documents do we edit?

Pretty much anything and everything, regardless of its form, except technical material.

How does our program work?

It’s simple.  When you’re ready, click on our “Send Us a Document” button under the header image above, and fill out our “Editaway Document Submissions Form.”  This form asks for your contact information, the nature of the document to be edited and for a “By No Later Than” date that indicates how quickly you need the comments and suggestions we’ll prepare for you.  Within minutes of when you press the “Submit” button at the end of the form, we’ll schedule your document for a preliminary review after which we’ll email you a proposal describing our services, pricing and response time.  You’ll accept that proposal and we’ll get right to it – as quickly as you need us to respond.

Turnaround time depends upon the nature and size of your document and the number of other editing engagements that may be ahead of you.  If what you need done is urgent, let us know and we’ll do our best to give your job expedited service.

If you agree with our proposal, we’ll do our work and send you detailed, well organized, typed comments and suggestions. As an option for which an additional charge may apply, we’ll review the notes we’ve sent you “in person” via a Zoom or an ordinary, no video telephone call.

How much do we charge?

That depends.  Our rates are competitive, but above average given, quite frankly, the exceptional quality of the services we provide.  And they vary depending upon all sorts of factors related to the nature of the material we’re editing and the type of client.  The fact is, we tend to discount our services for our political and other non-profit clientele.

When we’re done, we’ll email you the “edits” we recommend with a bill for our services that is due upon receipt and that you can pay online.

Editing large documents may require a reasonable deposit.  Highly affordable subscription programs are available, on a case by case basis, for clients who use our services on a regular, ongoing basis.

What if you need help writing something?

Glad to help, but you should go to our writing program website, Writeaway.us, for all the information you need. Or you could just tell us what’s up and we’ll have one of our writers give you a call.

That’s all there is to it.  Make yourself at home.  Look around and Contact Us if you need anything and would like an estimate of the cost of our editing something you’ve written.

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