Non-Profit Initiatives

At Editaway, we don’t just put tick marks, red ink and alternative words on paper. We help our clients figure out how best to use language, in all its forms, to accomplish very specific objectives.  This is something we Apples on the Treedo that differentiates us from the competition in a big way.

Sure, it’s true that we are really good at editing for our business, political and other non-profit clients and that advantage would be reason enough to hire us. But then the really interesting thing about Editaway is that we sometimes use our writing, editing and creative marketing skills to effect change.

For example…

Simply put, suppose there is commercial development that needs encouragement or, in other cases, that will have a negative impact on your local community. We can help you make it happen, to support, prevent or change the form of that development to protect your business interests or neighborhood.

Or maybe there’s a law the County Council or State Legislature is or should be considering. We can use our writing and editing skills – and our political expertise – to help you inform public opinion and the thinking of your elected officials.

Maybe you’re a small, non-profit group – a community organization, for example – with a legitimate social issue that you support for the benefit of your community. Call or email us. We may be able to help – and do it at rates that will reflect what your organization can afford.

If you’re running for office or want to support or oppose someone who is and if your reasons are important and true, we can help you. Social movements – like their business and political counterparts – are all about marketing, all about the quality and messaging of the writing on which initiatives are based.

Our work is always above board, fair and honest.

Turns out, you don’t have to be otherwise to succeed. In any case, that’s the only way we work.

And we’re team players, often collaborating with lawyers and technical specialists, doing the research, working late and getting up early to make the arguments that help our clients accomplish their objectives.

If you’re interested, visit our issues website,, for examples of the kinds of initiatives in which we’ve been involved. And then give us a call or email to talk about what’s on your mind. All conversations and other information, even the fact that you’re talking to us, are strictly confidential which is, by the way, why we don’t brag by flaunting our client list.

Can we help you accomplish your citizen activist or commercial objectives?

Absolutely. Are we affordable? What we charge depends, of course, on all manner of considerations, but we’ll work with you to make our services available for almost any reasonable budget. …We may even be able to help you raise the money you need to pay us.

How ’bout them apples?

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