Proofreading vs. Editing

People often ask us if we do proofreading. The answer is “Yes and no.” We do editing. Click here to visit our website article in which we describe the editing services we provide.

Editing someone’s document certainly involves checking grammar and spelling, so part of what we do is proof the documents our clients send us, but there’s much more to it. The fact is, there’s free and affordable software out there that you can use to look for grammatical issues and typos, so you don’t need us for that.

More importantly, our process of editing is about composition. What is the objective of your piece, how clear is the language you’ve used and how compelling is the message? And what specific changes do we suggest that you make to improve the effectiveness of your document and the impression it will make on your audience?

So, yes we do proofreading, but our process is way, way more than that.

As you may already know, our parent company’s slogan* is “Communication is everything.” These are words to live by. It’s a simple sentence that we take very seriously and is the basis for the comprehensive editing services we offer.

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